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How To Sell A Bungalow Quickly

If you’re looking to sell your bungalow quickly for the best price then preparation is key to success. You must plan before marketing your property so that when it comes for sale the right buyer will get it in no time.

Check out our tips for selling your property quickly.

Choose the right agent

Hiring an experienced real estate agent will be helpful for you to sell your property faster. Selling the property involves a lot of paperwork and communication between the buyer and seller. A professional realtor will help you in marketing your property, negotiate the high price, and close the deal within a short time. Research and conduct thorough interviews before choosing the one for you. Check the agent’s list price to sell price ratio and average days on the market. This will let you know a real estate agent’s ability to sell a home fast.

Check for Repairs and Maintenance

Most home buyers aren’t looking at what’s appealing in the property, rather they check what repairs are needed and how much effort, time, and money they want to spend. Doing all the repairs before selling the property will create a good impression among the buyers.

Repair or replace broken fixtures and fittings, door locks & handles, kitchen cupboard handles and wardrobe handles. Remove the broken mirrors, repair broken tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, and give a fresh look to all the rooms.

Plan what should be fixed first because you’ll not get the cash back for a few repairs.

Check for loose tiles, leaks, and moisture and if a tree is overhanging the property, just cut or remove it.

Improve the curb appeal

The aesthetic appearance is very important as is the interior. It shows your house vibrantly and probably the first sight for potential buyers.  A home with curb appeal is inviting, clean and tidy. Cut and weed the garden grass, place some beautiful pot plants or flower displays, and give all garden furniture a good wash down and clean.

Check the fences for repairs. Also, check the exterior door and window frames. Make sure all the locks work, Are hinges oiled? Some real estate investors and buyers won’t  think twice about replacing it. Pretty pot plants or hanging baskets by the front door will add a splash of color and welcome the buyers.

Staging tips to impress the buyers

Staging your bungalow will impress the buyers and make them invest in your property. If it needs a fresh coat of paint, use neutral colors, don’t prefer either bright or bold colors as they may not give an appealing look. Neutral colors will make a room spacious and airy, if you add a mirror it’s another amazing addition to the room. Add plants or fresh flowers for buyers to see and feel a comfortable and cozy bungalow.

If you need a fast sale, it is certainly possible, but it must be done properly, if not, you must spend more on repairs. Carefully consider your options and get help from the right professionals to avoid selling your property for a low price in exchange for speed.